Embedded Wifi Is Easy with Fasmicro Nigeria

Embedded Wifi Is Easy with Fasmicro Nigeria

Excited by the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), developers are leveraging advances in low-power, low-cost processing and connectivity to wirelessly enable their systems at an accelerating rate. While going wireless may well be the best option in most cases, this decision should not be taken lightly. The featured story in the latest issue of MicroSolutions discusses some of challenges and considerations you will face once you commit to adding Wi-Fi connectivity to your design. It also introduces you to our fully-certified and ultra-low power RN and MRF families of Wi-Fi modules that can ease your application development.

Do you need a microcontroller for your demanding power conversion application? Then you should check out the article about our new 8-bit PIC16(L)F1779 family that offers multiple independent closed-loop power channels and system management capabilities via its on-chip peripherals.

To talk to the experts, visit Fasmicro, an authorized partner of Microchip.

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