Embrace every challenge that comes your way in Life

Embrace every challenge that comes your way in Life

Challenges are a necessary ingredient in the success equation. They come in different shades, patterns and dimensions. Some wonderful opportunities are clothed in challenges. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest inventors that ever lived, was a man who was absolutely passionate about his work. He deployed more than one hundred methods but didn’t succeed. When others had all given up, he preferred to try more methods, until he finally got it right. The more challenges he faced, the more effort he was putting in. The more challenge that comes our way in life, the more excited we should be.

We should see every challenge as an opportunity to break new frontiers and prove people wrong. A close friend of mine once organized a seminar in 2018. He did all the publicity and advert but was shocked to find only one participant on the day of the seminar. To make matters worse, his wife was right there at the venue to assist him. It was a daunting challenge, but he still went ahead with the seminar.

Challenges are not entirely harmful, but on the other hand can help keep us on our toes, and enable us to keep on improving ourselves in all aspects of life. When others try to highlight the reasons why we can never achieve certain goals and dreams in life, we must not get discouraged but rather be more encouraged to succeed.

Every great inventor had to surmount one challenge or the other before arriving at the pinnacle of success. One of the most inspirational stories we can always look to when we are down is that of a physically challenged man who participated in the 2008 Globacom half marathon held in Lagos, Nigeria. He was not given any chance to succeed, as hundreds of able-bodied boys and girls were all competing for the top prize at the prestigious event. He came to the event with just a roller skate, and the willpower to succeed.

In the midst of human and mental barriers, this physically challenged guy overcame all odds and emerged in the 8th position at the end of the grueling marathon race. This was a man who was not even a professional athlete! He later granted an interview to a journalist, where he shared the story about how he almost gave up midway into the race, because of the pain he was feeling all over his body. After completing one of the most challenging races of his life, he felt like a champion.

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