Employees Are The Problem of Employees

Employees Are The Problem of Employees

I met a friend who told me about his company.

He asked his supervisor for three days break. He was travelling to Abuja to write a professional exam.

He was granted permission on one condition – the three days off will be deducted from his monthly salary.

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So shocking!

Like seriously, do we still have companies that do that?

If a company won’t support the career growth and development of employees, then why is it necessary to work in such a company?

To worsen the matter, he told me – ”If I don’t resume after three days, I will lose the whole of my salary for September.”

That’s so ridiculous. Considering the journey would take him, 5 – 8 hours.

Break it down – he’s writing the exam on Thursday. So he travels for 5 – 8 hours on Wednesday, meaning he will spend the whole day on the road. He writes the exam on Thursday evening and travels back on Friday for another 5 – 8 hours. He’s expected to resume back to work on Saturday.

I have no idea why a supervisor would treat a fellow employee that way. Sometimes, the problem is not the CEO or business owner, I realized that employees are actually the problem of employees in the company.


Unhealthy competition and eyeservice are rampant in some work environments. Employees trying to compete with other employees in order to receive favour from management or to appear like an angel before them.

When unhealthy competitions start to exist in the company, then every employee starts playing games against each other. This causes disunity amongst them and makes it easier for the management to manipulate them.

In the end, employees are always at the losing side because management will replace everyone seen as incapable or unproductive. Or the company closes down, and both employees and employers lose out, making everyone a job seeker again.

Nothing compares to teamwork. Indeed, it makes the dream work.

The first thing every management should strive to have in the company is teamwork. But if management only favours those who work well, that could breed jealousy and envy in the work environment.

Over the course of time, it may end up killing everyone’s morale and productivity. One thing is for sure – ”every worker is important to the company.”

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