The Era Of Homogularity – Dawn Of Human Electronic-Driven Immortality

In this IEEE magazine article (Neuromorphs: replaceable organs of the future?), we made a case on why human organs could be built with electronics, efficiently. Now, we are extending that by introducing Homogurailty– an era when man can attain electronic immortality.


In this era, a new wave of computing will emerge where man will become the created and the creator and humans will be Internet nodes with drugs assigned internet IPs because everything will converge on the web. Your today’s computers will be obsolete.


Yes, those primitive machines of today will give way to spiking computing and only few supercomputers will be needed under cloud/grid topology. Computers as we shop them will cease, we will rather buy ‘access nodes’ as all thoughts and ideas will converge on the web. Internet search engines will not just mine data, they will search human thoughts; man will be an extension of Internet. Do not worry, social websites will provide data to model people’s lifestyles and behaviors using algorithms.


This is  Comgularity- computing with machines attaining self-consciousness and spiking evolution.


NB: we did not say digital computing because we think it is primitive and ineffective. We think computing that mimics the brain/nervous system is the future.

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