Ethiopians Know That Sigma Electric Is There for Power, Industrial, and Telecom Sectors

SIGMA Electric PLC is a multi-disciplinary Electro-Mechanical Engineering Company established in 1999, operating in four business areas of power system services; industrial service; commercial activities; and telecommunication.


SIGMA Electric PLC is established as a result of a strategic merger between two separate groups who shared similar vision. One of these two groups was an enterprise known as Remake Engineering. Remake Engineering was established under the sole proprietorship of two electro-technical professionals.


It was limited only to installation, commissioning and subsequent servicing of electro-mechanical equipments such as motors, generators and their auxiliary equipment and maintenance of kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and heavy duty stoves for homes, hospitals and hotels. The second group mainly comprised of senior professional Electrical Engineers having substantial exposure to modern electromechanical business techniques and who were in consultation with each other to form a commonly owned private company.


Initiated by the objectives of tapping with the ongoing business trend as well as upcoming opportunities and challenges, these two groups had the opportunity to come together and establish a private company named SIGMA Electric PLC, in July 1999 since then the company began to bid successfully for larger projects.

For the best and efficient service provision and customer satisfaction SIGMA structured its business area along the industry line. Presently the company is engaged in three major operational areas. Namely;

  • Power and communication system services
  • Industrial services:
  • Commercial Services

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