Every Company Needs A Jurgen Klopp

Every Company Needs A Jurgen Klopp

Your company needs a Jurgen Klopp!

A Liverpool team without a Jurgen Klopp would have been a club with a bunch of average players, but the Klopp-Esque has got everyone buzzing around the world. Liverpool now looks like a team that can compete for major trophies.

Of course, they are the current European champion. They were runner-up in the domestic league and they have played two champions league final in space of two years. That’s a staggering stats.

Jurgen Klopp has been the mastermind behind this success. After inheriting a young team full of potential from Brendan Rodgers, he shaped and made them a team to beat.

Did you see what he did against Newcastle United last Saturday?

Liverpool was trailing Newcastle United by one goal, and the whole Anfield was quiet. Klopp stood up and jeered the fans. They responded by cheering the players and the whole Anfield was lighted. Five to eight minutes after, Liverpool leveled back. They took the lead in a few minutes later and won the match as well.

The scenario is a clear example of how electrifying Klopp factor could light up the whole arena. Klopp is not just a football coach, he’s a man manager. His relationship with the squad, fans and the staff of the club says a lot about his management style.

So I conclude, your company needs a Jurgen Klopp.

Here’s why you need a Klopp-Esque factor:

  • Transforms your resources into a profitable material. Phil Coutinho is an example of this. Liverpool made profits on him after buying him for £13 million.
  • Resuscitate your worker’s career. Roberto Firminho was lost under Rodgers. He (Rodgers) had no idea how best to utilize him, but Jurgen has made him a superstar.
  • Mend broken relationships in your team. Klopp has brought unity and peace amongst the players and staff. Sadio Mane and Mo Salah spat was enough to break down a team, but how he’s handled it says a lot.
  • Makes everyone dreams. Liverpool fans and players now believe they can win any trophy, thanks to the Klopp-Esque mentality in them. Imagine if your company has a manager like that, you stand a chance of having a team of ”yes, we can achieve it.”
  • Identification of talent and successful negotiations as well. Klopp personality makes every player wants to play for him. He won the Van Dijk transfer battle against Manchester City because Dijk made it clear that he wants to play under him. You also need a good recruiter that can spot talent and negotiate successfully.

Indeed, everything is possible and achievable with Jurgen Klopp.

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