Ex-Andela Engineers Unveil a TaskRabbit Called Eden

Ex-Andela Engineers Unveil a TaskRabbit Called Eden

“Eden is a tech-enabled service that puts your home’s chores on autopilot. It’s a superior answer to the question of an inferior lifestyle. If you’ve ever wanted better services for things like your Laundry, meals, house cleaning, equipment maintenance, etc. then you have silently prayed for Eden.”

This is how the CEO and Co-Founder of Eden, Nadayar Enegesi described the new invention. Enegesi led other two ex-engineers of Andela, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Slim Momoh, to develop the TaskRabbit for house chores.

Eden was developed on gig economy to provide quality home services for people who have a very busy schedule, by connecting them to the actual service providers they need for tasks.

Eden works by giving you a well-trained home concierge (we call them Gardeners), who handles your home’s chores while you go about your day.

You tell us about your home needs.

We assign you an Eden Gardener.

Your Gardener takes over all your home’s tasks.

You monitor the status of the chores on your app and leave feedback where necessary.

“If you are a Nigerian, you understand that things are just unnecessarily difficult. Buses are hot creaky metal death-boxes that could catch fire at any moment. You need to queue to join the queue that connects to the queue to get your voter’s card, driver’s license and international passport photographs. You enter a ride-hailing taxi so you can get stuff done on the go; only for the driver to ask you for directions.” Enegesi said.

It is in a bid to make life easier for people who can afford it that Eden was developed, so that they can hire professionals to take care of these tasks.

The founders explained that the services can be used with little budget. And there is hope and plan to get it across the African continent in no time.

“We have studied this phenomenon and used those insights to create a blueprint for our idea of sustainable African cities.

“We imagine a complete redesign of society and the principles that drive it. We are creating new cultures, systems and processes to ensure that people who provide services are rewarded properly and the people who require those services receive the highest quality of service possible.”

The Eden app mediates between services providers and customers, following the method of e-hailing services.

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