[Exclusive] Tekedia Interviews CEO of Pawaak Technologies

Monday, 6am Nigerian time, you will read a lengthy interview we had with the CEO of Pawaak Technologies. Pawaak is a Lagos based technology company that offers innovative services in ICT, embedded systems, security solutions, among others. It is one of those companies that have mastered the business of biometrics.


Felix Akubueze Onyema,  the dynamic leader of this company, is actually a good lecturer. He will help you understand biometrics and what the opportunities are for Nigeria. Tekedia is very excited that on Monday, you will read from this expert who is doing cool stuffs. He has insights from leadership, technology and oh yes politics.


A graduate of the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri, his views are broad. He is presently the President of Semiconductor Industry Association of Nigeria which is presently being incorporated in our nation.


Just a small except. When we asked him  how he has been mitigating  the challenges of doing business in Nigeria, this is what he said.


Well we are mitigating these challenges with a lion’s heart. Taking the bull by the horn. We already know that most of these challenges are inherent in our system, they call it Nigeria factor! So sad, but we keep going and like in our core values customers’ satisfaction. Doing whatever we say we can do and by delivering according to the terms of agreement. We believe as our work is speaking for us, we have come to stay to help our people and we are not looking back in excelling whenever we have the opportunity. Now that we have a new Government that has promised to use Technocrats to help Nigeria to develop like other developing and developed Nations, we are optimistic that we shall be involved in one way or the other. That is our hope and confidence any way. We really want to see Nigeria be like other advanced or developing countries.


Pawaak is ready and ready to help propel the nation to greatness.  Check out on Monday for the full interview.


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