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Executive Summary Of A Proposal Just Out To Africa’s Newest University – Ask Famicro For Your School

Executive Summary

This proposal articulates a strategy for infrastructural development and training in microelectronics and embedded systems at the university level. Microelectronics has been recognized as the most pervasive industry in the world that has impacts in all areas of human endeavors. It drives medicine, energy, entertainment and indeed all key industrial areas of the 21st century. Researchers have observed that appropriate diffusion of microelectronics enhances economic activity, and helps transition ICT industry in developing economies from consuming to creating. As organizations and schools drive to become global leaders in technology creation, microelectronics must necessarily be the anchor for that development.


There are many opportunities developing microelectronics provide to institutions:

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–          Help the nation in developing core knowledge manpower for the 21st century

–          Facilitate international collaborations

–          Expands the national economy by infusion of new ideas and knowledge capital

–          Drives the emergence of technology clusters and hubs

–          Helps create new companies and reduce unemployment

–          Transitions the ICT sector to become creative with value creation capability

–          Opens a new opportunity for the SMEs

–          Brings the world’s engine of wealth to Nigeria and modernize education


We propose the budgets in stages, starting with an embedded systems lab and then progress to integrated circuit design. The cost implications and associated activities are provided. In the second part of the proposal, we present the training associated with this proposal after the setup of the lab. The training section presents all the required trainings needed to develop a deep core knowledge base to staff, students and professors.


For more about this, read this complete one.

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