Facebook And Google Join Forces To Block Do-Not-Track Bill in California

They rarely work together. Facebook and Google are business arch-rivals.  They do not see face to face. But when it is something that affects their ecosystem, they know when to collaborate.


The two companies are working together to oppose a Californian bill that will restrict and limit online advertising.  The bill is planned to stop firms from collecting personal data including names, phone numbers, browsing history, and selling of consumer data.


The deal is that without consumer data, there is no online advertising. The technology of Observed Behavior Advertising that targets consumers based on their web habits and location will not be possible. Without this and if the Bill passes, the ad revenue in California alone will drop by $579m according to Bloomberg by 2014.


This is an emerging trend as privacy advocates push hard to curtail what has enabled Internet to evolve over the years. Other states will follow if California succeeds and that is why the duo of Facebook and Google want to make sure it does not happen.

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