Facebook Next Domination – To Sell Ads via Like and Share Buttons, On Your Site

People, know this – the web is being eaten us by Facebook. It is that simple as they have defined what a web 2.0 is and what the next one will become. When you have a blog and do not have that Like and Share button, the blog is not complete. That means, we willingly like to interface Facebook buttons to our sites and blogs.


But what if Facebook decides that anyone that interfaces to these buttons will receive ads through those buttons thereby ‘owing’ all the websites that have the buttons? This can happen. You can suddenly see Facebook ads popping up from the locked up platform.


This is the next phase of Facebook metamorphosis and Google should be worried. There are many more firms with Facebook button today that the Buzz and if they impose themselves on us all, it can change the game. The closed platform will remain for the users, but the marketers can work out of it via the buttons.


Tekedia believes that this idea will arrive by Q2 2012 and it will change the game of advertising.  Imaging if a technology blog likes ours is structured that the Like and Share buttons are extension of tech related ads from Facebook. It will happen because Facebook has huge footprints across the web. And many will rejoice for another means of monetizing contents via ads.


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