Facyber Is Back After Going Offline Due to Overcapacity

Facyber Is Back After Going Offline Due to Overcapacity

Our apologies that Facyber went overcapacity last night.  A university partner which uses our platform for supplementary training of their students on cybersecurity began testing last night, pushing the system over the bar. Over the last one month, the platform has grown more than 460%, and my tech team did not plan well.

I personally apologize to those that could not login directly and to those accessing from APIs in their respective schools and institutions. 

We use AWS but our dynamic system which was supposed to re-calibrate on capacity was suboptimal last night. Everything should be fine now – please return.

Thank you for your support and please continue to spread the message of facyber.com, the leader in cybersecurity training on policy, management, technology and digital forensics. We crafted a training engine which delivers value to our members.


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