This is Faraday Future electric-car

This is Faraday Future electric-car

Electric cars seem to be the future of automobiles.

The electric-car startup Faraday Future took the wraps off its first production car concept at a press conference Tuesday evening in Las Vegas ahead of CES.

The crossover SUV, dubbed the FF91, features 130 kwh of battery energy, giving it more than 378 miles of range, the company claimed. It also has an open charging system, which means that it can take charge from any charging standard.

The FF91 is capable of learning on its own to know your personal preferences so that it can adjust to provide a customized experience, said Hong Bae, director of ADAS and self-driving, at Faraday Future. It also comes with some self-driving features, including the ability to park itself. The vehicle boasts more than 30 sensors including 10 front and rear facing cameras, 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and one high-definition 3D lidar sensor.

Tesla just got a competitor.

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