Fasmicro Google Android Market – Are Nigerians Doing This, Fake Credit Cards?


Hello People,


We write to suggest to the person that has started this unbecoming attitude of shopping at our store with credit/debit cards that cannot be validated. If you are a Nigerian, you are part of the reason oogle continues to restrict most of  the things Nigerians can do with their products. Get a life people and stop embarrassing Nigeria. We have no evidence it is a Nigerian, but we are sure he/she knows Nigeria to care about the Constitution of the land.


Please get a good credit card and shop right.


Fasmicro Apps Team



Hello Fasmicro ,

Google order # 915992059074836 has been cancelled because your buyer failed to provide a valid credit card number that passed authorization successfully. The buyer’s credit card was never charged for this order and we’ve sent email to your buyer regarding the cancelled status of the order. Learn more.


 Order date: Jul 11, 2011 3:53 AM EDT
Google order number: 915992059074836 – Fasmicro Order #12999763169054705758.05164831090871417795.1310370817
 Shipping Status  Qty Item   Price
  Digital delivery  1 Nigerian Constitution  –  The full and unedited 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. $0.99
Tax (OH) : $0.00
Total : $0.99
Order cancelled

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