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Nigeria is the leading African nation in terms of the number of people hitting the web. Our numbers beat African average of mobile phones penetration of 55% and a mere 7% of Internet penetration. As more people move to the web, it becomes very important for people, organizations and businesses to have web presence.


The future is on the web and we see opportunities for 40 million customers. So, now is the time to have a web address; we mean your own domain. University lecturers, professors, businesses, families,  NGOs, schools, mechanics, tailors, restaurants, fashion houses, artists, students, students’ club, business clubs, individuals, weddings, parties, celebrations, and indeed everyone.


A unique domain brings prestige to your business and enhances your competitiveness. It opens international markets, collaborations, and new opportunities. It provides the platform to showcase your talent to the whole world either through your academic publications, your writings, your inventions or your experiences.


Last year, we carried a study and noticed that the cost of getting people and businesses to the web is expensive in Nigeria. Our solution: register, host and design your website for only N54,900. Under this package, you will have unlimited bandwidth, maximum of 100 emails, and guaranteed 99.99% uptime web presence.


Steps to get your domain/website Live

Contact our Owerri or Lagos office and make payment. Our engineer will follow you to take the necessary photos for your site with our camera. We will also work with you to develop the web contents. After two weeks, your site will be up. You can preview the site in our Lagos office as we develop.

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