Fasmicro Now Trains in Lagos – Android and Embedded Systems

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Our Courses

Embedded Systems – FPGA

Embedded Systems – Microcontroller

Android Apps Development

Mixed Signal VLSI Design with CAD



Selected Project Outlines

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Mobility Computing and Microelectronics Courses in Nigeria

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Course 1:  Mobility Computing and Android Apps Development

Course 2:  Embedded Systems – FPGA and Microcontroller

Course 3:  Mixed Signal VLSI Design with CAD- Schematic, Layout, Extraction and Verification


Course I: Mobility Computing & Android App Development

Java Review

  • Introduction to Java
  • Types, variables, operators
  • More types, methods, conditionals
  • Loops and arrays
  • Objects and classes
  • Access control, class scope, packages, Java API
  • Design, debugging, interfaces
  • Inheritance, exceptions, file I/O
  • Development in Java

Android Overview and History

  • How it all got started
  • Why Android is different (and important)

Android Stack

  • Overview of the stack
  • Linux kernel
  • Native libraries
  • Dalvik
  • App framework
  • Apps

SDK Overview

  • Platforms
  • Tools
  • Versions

Hello World App

  • Creating your first project
  • The manifest file
  • Layout resource
  • Running your app on Emulator

Main Building Blocks

  • Activities
  • Activity lifecycle
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast Receivers

Basic Android User Interface

  • XML versus Java UI
  • Dips and sps
  • Views and layouts
  • Common UI components
  • Handling user events

Android System Overview

  • File System
  • Preferences
  • Notifications
  • Security model

Advanced UI

  • Selection components
  • Adapters
  • Complex UI components
  • Building UI for performance
  • Menus and Dialogs
  • Graphics & animations

Multimedia in Android

  • Multimedia Supported audio formats
  • Simple media playback
  • Supported video formats
  • Simple video playback


  • Sensor overview: accelerometer, compass, orientation, etc
  • Camera
  • Touch Events
  • Trackball Events


  • TelephonyManager
  • ConnectivityManager
  • HttpClient/Simple JSON GET
  • Java Sockets/Simple JSON POST
  • Java XML

Location Services

  • Location Manager
  • GPS
  • MapView


SQL Database

  • Introducing SQLite
  • SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes

Basic Content Providers

  • Content provider MIME types
  • Searching for content
  • Adding, changing, and removing content
  • Working with content files

Labs #1-7


Course 2: Embedded Systems -FPGA and Microcontroller


  • FPGA
    • Introduction to FPGAs for DSP
    • Hardware Description Languages (Verilog/System Verilog/VHDL)
    • FPGA architecture and tool flow
    • Embedded software
    • Signal Integrity
    • Debug techniques
    • Interfaces
    • High-Speed Serial IOs
    • DSP techniques and implementation
    • Introduction to System Generator
    • Basic FPGA Design Capture
    • Signal Routing
  • Microprocessor
    • Architecture of the PIC Microcontroller
    • Architecture of the SX Microcontroller
    • Number Systems & Codes
    • MPLAB installation & navigation
    • SX Key installation 7 navigation
    • Assembly langauge
    • Instruction Set
    • Basic Programming & Algorithms
    • LCD programming
    • Interrupts
    • Timer / Counters
    • Analog to Digital Conversion


Outline for Course 3

Overview of VLSI design and microelectronics CAD

VLSI technology and device characterization
Analog and digital CMOS circuit design
Memory and logic
Data conversion

Labs 1 – SPICE Simulation
Sigma-delta modulation
Linear filters
Vector quantization

Lab 2- Layout and verification

Structured modular design
Low-power techniques
Dynamic techniques
Use of CAD – schematic, layout, extraction, etc


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