Ovia Simplifies Hiring Process Through Online Video Technology

Ovia is an online video based virtual interviewing solution. It  is the only video interviewing solution on the market that captures the “real interview experience”. The creators have worked closely with leading talent acquisition specialists, hiring managers and interview researchers to develop a system that will help improve the reliability of early stage screening process while maintaining brand and positive relationship with applicants. It was created by Imo Udom.


How it works

Create your virtual interview

Record as many questions as necessary for the position you’re looking to fill, or re-use previously recorded questions. The order of the questions, the allotted time for each answer and the time-to-think given to the candidates are all up to you. This allows you to decide upon the structure of the interview, as well as ensure all candidates are given equal treatment.


Invite candidates

Invite as many candidates as you want, whenever needed. With traditional interviewing, each new candidate involves additional overhead costs – scheduling, transportation and office space – plus the time needed to conduct the interview itself. With OVIA, a new candidate is only a click away.


Receive responses

The candidates will respond at the time most convenient for them, mimicking a face-to-face interview. We have put a lot of work into making the process transparent, to ensure you receive the best responses possible.


Evaluate candidates

Candidate responses are sent to your password protected account as soon as they are completed, and can be reviewed when it best fits your schedule. Additional reviewers can be invited for all candidate responses or only for specific ones. Everyone involved will use the same customizable evaluation criteria, ensuring consistency in the process.


Make a decision

Armed with feedback and evaluations from multiple reviewers, you can now decide on whom to move forward to the next step of your process. An OVIA interview provides you the tools to make better decisions, and thus reduce the number of mismatched candidates. Our clients have had great results using OVIA to select the candidates for the final face-to-face interview.

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