Fasmicro Partnership Scheme (FPS) – Make Up To 20% On Us


All services and products in our brochure are covered in the FPS.


Some of our generic proposals are here. You can use them to develop markets. And if you need a customized one, contact us!


Considering a job opportunity or more income? Now, you have found one! Fasmicro has introduced Fasmicro Partnership Scheme (FPS) that enables our nationwide partners to tap into the amazing opportunities our company provides.


Through this program, Fasmicro pays up to 20% to partners when they bring jobs to us. Potential partners will sign our partnership document. As they execute and bring jobs, they will climb the partnership levels.


This scheme is open to anyone – company or individual.

How it works

1. You will register with us as a partner – free

  1. Sign agreement to abide by our FPS rules
  2. Refer jobs to us and earn commission from 5% – 20%

We have Four Categories of Partnership

1. LEVEL 1  1st level when you join us) : 5% in all jobs referred

  1. LEVEL 2  Refer 5 jobs to move to level 2) 10% in all jobs
  2. LEVEL 3  Refer 5 Partners and 5 Jobs) 15% in all jobs.
  3. LEVEL 4  At least 2 partners from you gets to level 3) 20% in all jobs.

Download the documents here (pdf) (word) or visit FPS site

You will be among our contacts in your locality. This applies to all parts of Nigeria.


What We Do

We have the following products and services. Notice that we train on Android, embedded systems and web design services and we have an innovative ICT Division. From recruiting people for our training to getting web design customers, from microelectronics center design customers to Android app customers, from software development to consulting services, ete, etc, you have more opportunities to profit with the experts.


Email [email protected] to indicate your interest in this program.  And visit fps.fasmicro.net to register and start earning.

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