“Father, Touch the Heart of President Buhari to Move Faster On Forming New Government”

“Father, Touch the Heart of President Buhari to Move Faster On Forming New Government”

One simple prayer today in churches and I hope people did same on Friday in mosques:

“Father, touch the heart of President Buhari to move faster and prioritize the formation of a new government. As Nigerians, we do sincerely believe that political appointees working on unofficial capacities after the expirations of their terms on May 29 will not serve us well.

Touch him to move faster to avoid a repeat of 2015 where severe 6-month senior leadership vacuums took Nigeria into recession. Open his heart to see that 11 days are more than enough to make at least one appointment. As you used India’s Modi who was ready in 24 hours with a new cabinet, use your son Buhari.

Open his mind to appreciate the urgency of this moment. Teach him, your son, to understand that without Strategic Leadership, tactical and operational leaderships go on stasis. Bless him to appreciate that without these leaders, especially many that do not even require Senate confirmations and untenured, Nigeria’s critical productivity systems will stall.

I pray for him and do seek favor that you will bless his heart to understand that the destinies of millions of people depend on how he acts. With 55% youth unemployment and security paralyses, forming a team requires the fierce urgency of now. Bless him to lead – and move faster on forming a new government, with the right people, that will take Nigeria to the mountaintop.



*Nothing political here or intended. Just pray he does same – fast.


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