Finally, Nigeria Gets A Grown Up Online Advertising Company – Adplacers May Be The Real Deal


It is very evident that Nigeria with its population is the real deal. We have since wondered who can get the nation a solid online ad representation. Now, it seems that Adplacers will just do that.


Adplacers is an Advertising Placement and Management platform that allows individuals, Agencies and Corporate brands to place and monitor their campaigns on leading websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, BBC etc. instead of registering or login into different platforms.


Very interesting indeed and that is basically what has to happen. The company focuses on Nigerian and Ghanian markets for now and will surely expand as they make progress. The good thing about this is that they can take this mobile and help to consolidate this market that has no shape.


The AdPlacers Network delivers over 2 million impressions daily to online targets in Nigeria, Cameron and Ghana on local and foreign sites, making it the #1 AdNetwork, Placement and Management.


We saw this company since last week when we visited Nairaland but never knew it was local. At the right hand side, notice adplacers below the DealDey ad. It would have been better if those ads are rotating instead of being one company. For the last few days it has been that DealDey that is there.

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