Fintechnolization: The One Oasis of Digital Platforms

Fintechnolization: The One Oasis of Digital Platforms

I just accepted to deliver a speech in Silicon Valley on “Fintechnolization: The One Oasis of Digital Platforms”. A venture capital firm here read my postulation that the steady state of all digital platforms is fintechnolization. In other words, most digital platforms will offer a type of financial services (read fintech) since fintech delivers a relatively higher value, compared with other sectors, and with demand already within the platforms, executing the playbooks may not be hard. It would be a great talk as I connect the framework to the One Oasis Strategy. 

I made a big fintech speech (not on the same topic) in Kampala Uganda where I was  honoured by the tech community therein. That was in Oct 2019, and it seems like an eternity when you look at what covid-19 has done to accelerate the redesign of digitizing financial services.

No worries Members, I am updating my courseware and adding many things including fintechnolization in Tekedia Mini-MBA. So, while this talk is not going to be public, in  our class, we will attain a steady state knowledge equilibrium within the nexus. We just have to wait for Feb 8 to come.


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