Home Community Insights Five Action Points to unlock Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Osun State: A Review of Osun ISN Hub Meetup

Five Action Points to unlock Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Osun State: A Review of Osun ISN Hub Meetup

Five Action Points to unlock Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Osun State: A Review of Osun ISN Hub Meetup

The recently concluded Osun ISN Hub Meetup, organized by Opolo Global Innovation Limited in collaboration with the Innovation Support Network (ISN), has ignited discussions and laid out crucial action points to unlock innovation and entrepreneurship in Osun State. Held on Monday, July 31, 2023, at Opolo Global Innovation Hub, UNIOSUN Campus, Osogbo, the programme, titled “ISN Osun Hub Meetup: Unlocking Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Osun State: Building a Thriving Ecosystem,” attracted innovation stakeholders from various sectors, including the government, private sector, and academia. The programme had experience sharing and panel sessions yielding a number of action points aimed to make the innovation and entrepreneur ecosystem thrive in the state. Here are five action points derived from the meet up.

Commendation of State Government’s Efforts

Participants at the meetup lauded the state government for its commendable initiatives aimed at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Osun State. Notable projects, such as Google Mapping, the Registration of Startups, and the waiver of right-of-way for fiber optic cable laying, were acknowledged for their potentials to smoothen the path for emerging entrepreneurs and startups in the region. However, attendees urged the government to ensure the successful completion of these initiatives to further catalyze the growth of startups in the state.

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Reviewing the State Ministry’s Name

Discussions at the meetup highlighted the need for a review of the name of the State Ministry of Science, Information, Communication, and Technology. Participants noted that the current nomenclature could lead to confusion as there is already a Ministry of Information and Public Enlightenment in the state. To foster innovation as a core driver of development within the technology ecosystem, stakeholders proposed renaming the ministry to the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology, in alignment with the National Policy on Science, Technology, and Innovation.

Attracting Infrastructural Support from Multinational Organizations

Addressing infrastructural challenges faced by technology and digital innovation startups was a key concern. Participants advocated for the state government to engage international organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to invest in the state and provide startups with free or subsidized access to their bulk infrastructure facilities. Access to services like cloud storage space, low-latency networks, virtualization, and other essential tech tools would facilitate the growth of real problem-solving innovations and infrastructural developments.

Empowering Startups through Funding and Collaboration

The importance of funding and collaboration in empowering startups to thrive was emphasized by participants. Capacity-building before startups receive funding was stressed to ensure efficient resource utilization. Furthermore, fostering collaboration between startups and stakeholders, including local media outlets like OSBC, Rave FM, and Fresh FM, was seen as a catalyst for accelerated growth and an effective means of showcasing entrepreneurs and businesses.

A Continuous Plan to Address the Knowledge Gaps

Stakeholders emphasized the need for a well-organized ecosystem and government accountability to support the growth of innovative technology in Osun State. Participants proposed practical meeting sessions addressing the challenges faced by startup founders, including marketing and sales training, as essential steps to bolster their success.

As the ISN Hub Meetup concluded, participants pledged to actively engage with the state government and other ecosystem players, articulating the demands of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem through the Innovation Stakeholder Dialogue and media channels. The collective commitment to driving innovation and entrepreneurship in Osun State was palpable, and attendees vowed to carry forward the momentum and spirit of collaboration to create a thriving ecosystem that unlocks the full potential of innovation and entrepreneurial talent in the state.

In conclusion, the action points derived from the Osun ISN Hub Meetup lay a strong foundation for the state’s journey towards becoming a thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, ultimately fostering economic growth and development in the region.

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