Fixing Tekedia – Patience Please. Will Be Fully Up Soon.

Fixing Tekedia – Patience Please. Will Be Fully Up Soon.


Thanks for all the notes and InMails. Yes, my blog Tekedia continues to have problems. We spoke with Amazon AWS engineers yesterday but it was evident they need more training.

We have activated Plan B. All the productivity sites are up and running. We just rebuilt. The good news is that we have real-time backups. Once the server was great, it took minutes to restore. Team is doing same on Tekedia. We expect it to be stabilized in hours.

The confusion was the expectation that Amazon could assist. But it was evident that a company that charges $30 per month for support does not even have a service. We got them to speak but the guy could have arrived from a beach with no clue on solutions (He did confirm server issue).

He preferred email so that he could reply every 5-10 hours. If you do that in Nigeria, it would be called FRAUD. But Amazon is getting away with it. We just pay the tax to AWS. It is a SHAME.

You see, leaving Amazon is hard. We have some solutions we have used its primitives to create: from satellite to voice processing. We sell cybersecurity etc courses with lab primitives. Unbundling those is hard.

Again, thanks for the patience. will be fully back today. Zenvus, facyber, reconcia, … all fine.


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