FleetPartners is Solving Shuttle Logistics Problems for Nigerian Companies

FleetPartners is Solving Shuttle Logistics Problems for Nigerian Companies

Logistics has always been a problem for many companies, especially for heavy traffic state like Lagos. Workers often find it tough to be punctual at work and at the same time, be productive after the hustle and bustle to commute to work.

Some big companies have tried to reduce the stress their employees go through to commute to work by providing an easier means of transportation along some specific routes. However, not all fingers are equal. While the big brands can afford it, some find it as a big task to accomplish.

It’s not their fault though, because some  companies are even run on loan from banks. So, finding a possible means of transportation for their employees to commute to work easily may not be cost-effective. For a company to stand the test of time, it has to be cost-effective. Being cost-effective is one of the catalysts for building a debt-free company.

However, I see many companies still struggle in this area. In fact, some companies don’t cut out the unnecessary cost which tends to pile up debts on them. There are many ways to accomplish a goal without striking. This means that companies can acquire some services without having to pay over the odds for them.

Finding a lasting solution to the logistics and transportation of staff should not cost your company a great fortune.

But the question is – ”how do you cut out the cost in a country with economic problems like Nigeria especially in the area of logistics?”

A leading corporate car sharing and lease company, FleetPartners Leasing Limited has made this possible for companies to provide the easiest means of movement for their Staff. Meaning, you can invest the time you would spend worrying about logistics on other areas of your business.

The award winning company has included staff-bus sharing to its corporate car sharing service. This service allows people with executive vehicles like Prado, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Toyota Corolla of latest versions to become Fleetpartners’ assets partners. This gives them the opportunity of turning their vehicles to assets instead of a liability and make more revenue.

Here are the reasons why your company should consider using FleetPartners Leasing Limited: 

  • FleetPartners specialises in vehicle leasing and corporate car sharing.
  • Their vehicles are strategically placed close to the point of use.
  • It provides a cost-effective model that ensures no ownership risk to the client.
  • No need to pay for idle time.
  • You have more time to focus on your business.
  • You save more money and stay debt free.
  • It has an economic and affordable monthly payment package.
  • Company’s idle vehicles are turned into a profit-making venture.

Due to the increase in demand, FleetPartners Leasing Limited is expanding and offering many companies the opportunity to join as partners and make additional revenue. The opportunity is available for all companies nationwide.

According to the CEO, Mr. Samuel Ajiboyede, ”This staff bus sharing service will allow organizations to book seats for their number of staff accurately. This would save them more money that could be channeled on recruitment or other departments of the company.”

He further emphasized that, ”Our staff-bus sharing service is a product of research which identified one of the challenges some companies, especially the small ones face in terms of managing transportation for their staff. What we have done is to provide a service that meets that need. This service is available for medium and big companies that do not want to handle the day-to-day hustle of managing vehicles and drivers.”

FleetPartners Leasing Limited also offers other services such as driver management, fuelling, insurance and tracking. 

Indeed, FleetPartners is on a mission to turn around positively car rental services in Nigeria.

For more information, visit the website here: http://fleetpartners.ng/

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