For Nigeria To Feel The Good American Morning

For Nigeria To Feel The Good American Morning

The sun rose beautifully from the horizon this morning. The energy of  immigrants is back, and the admirations for the America they love. An amazing land where sojourners come and become legends, out of decency, hardwork and service. That spirit is back – I can feel it here, at the downtown, because it is a Good Morning in America. The sounds of the nightingales,  the melodies of the crickets, the shouts of joy, and the horns of cars, celebrating a new chapter, night and day, are here.

As America returns back to the mountaintop to lead the world with Strength, yet with humility, I yearn for the day where Nigeria can also rise. Across our nation, we have been unable to replace people who have underperformed on their jobs. And without those checks and balances, the soul of a nation goes.

Nigeria, we need electoral reforms. There is no future without it. We cannot celebrate the good morning in America without asking, “Why can’t our elections make it possible to replace those who fail to do their jobs well in Nigeria”?

Mr. President, your biggest legacy will be fixing the broken electoral system in Nigeria. Without it, we cannot make progress. We need the dews to drop, the Nigerian electoral system needs to be revolutionized and evolutionized at the same time, because right now, it is broken. America let go Trump but Kogi state was not lucky with its own smaller version! Nigeria needs to feel the good American morning with good electoral system.

Trump lost his re-election bid to Joe Biden

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You are right. We need an incisive and decisive electoral reforms in Nigeria.

In the just “concluding” election in US, there was no centralized umpire. The people were the umpire. As people voted, they observed the transparent processes, and as a winner emerged, the people, through the media, announced unto themselves the winner. They never waited for a state-controlled “INEC”. The job of the “INEC” will be to ratify and endorse the people’s choice.

It has once again, confirmed the place of the media in enthroning and sustaining democracy. It’s our hope that one day, Nigeria will come to terms with the reality that: power belongs to the people.

It Is A Good Morning in America – The Ascension of Joe Biden


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2 thoughts on “For Nigeria To Feel The Good American Morning

  1. I think Nigeria is gradually going through a metamorphosis. It’s going to get better. The people will be able to demand what they want as long as technology continues to bridge the gap of ignorance.

  2. Another loaded phrase: Electoral Reform! Not sure many people know what it actually means. It sounds like Restructuring, where different people come up with different meanings.

    I think it will help if what constitutes Electoral Reform can be broken down into four or five items, so that their efficacy can be scrutinised, tested and validated.

    How does the reform stop ballot box snatching, where people are kidnapped, and after everything, you start getting conflicting reports on whether it actually happened or losing party crying foul? It is important we understand the complex and dynamic nature of claims and counter claims.

    In the same America some are celebrating right now, those on the losing side are also alleging fraud and irregularities in some places, would they be allowed to produce credible evidence or simply be shamed and vilified as sore losers and detractors? For you to get everyone to be committed to a monumental project, you must be ready to listen to all dissenting voices, else you are just playing to the gallery.

    When it comes to having uncomfortable debates, how many people are ready to approach them with open mind and sincerity, without accusing the other party of being ridiculous and dishonest?


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