Forget Arsenal, ManU or Even Barca; Come and Let us Play Street Soccer. Get Your Mouse and Keyboard Ready

Street Soccer is a multi-player, web-based game in which you can challenge your friends in street soccer.  The ultimate goal is to rise up in level and become the best in street soccer. To be a pro, you need to build your reputation by challenging other players to rise up in level. To challenge opponents, you need energy.
You lose energy each time you attack other players and whenever you run out of it, you can replenish from the market at a small cost. There are easy ways to gain free energy aswell, i.e. by sharing your scores on facebook and inviting more friends to play with you. It is a creation of Leti Games.


Leti Games Ltd was formed early 2009 and has since then been preparing its base to unleash the dragon.
We are africans so we know what we want as fun, and want the world to know.
Our mission as Leti Games Ghana Ltd. is to develop innovative, interactive, collaborative, challenging and fun games for everyone and anyone.


Innovative in the sense being new ,unique in model and carrying the element of creativity. Interactive because we want to communicate with gamers and to give them a thrilling gaming experirnce so as to make it collaborative and building a community of people to play and have fun together. Last but not least get everyone who plays game involved and captivated by the games we make.


Within this mission lies our ultimate vision of creating mind blowing games.
Our mantra is “mobile fun for all”.


The game is tied to rewards which are free items awarded to match winners. These rewards could be virtual or real world. Your reward is randomly exposed to your opponents which can be taken away in a match challenge. In other words, opponents can challenge you using your item as the ransom that they tend to keep if they win.
There is a Hood trophy that is passed around. A player who holds the trophy is named the Hood Champion of that hood. In order to become a hood champion, you need to challenge the current holder.


And you can earn real and virtual rewards.

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