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Agenpo - A Digital Agro-Commodities Exchange

The Coming of Africa’s Commodities Exchange – Agenpo

Agenpo, founded by Obinna Onyejeli, is one of the newest companies we have invested resources. Agenpo started in 2016 as an agro-commodities trading company. In 2017, it added solid mineral commodities into the mix. Today, it is basically a company that buys and sells agricultural and solid mineral commodities.

However, from 20th Sept, it will pivot from trading selected agricultural and solid mineral commodities to providing a technology-enabled marketplace where the trading happens.

I am very excited about the promise of Agenpo and what Obinna and his team are going to do. This week my team is meeting a major foreign oil company which is deploying Zenvus as part of supporting its host communities. With Agenpo, we will fix one challenge: if you help improve yield, can you help farmers find new markets?

Agenpo - Africa's commodities exchange with digital nativity.