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Amazing Tecno Continues to Leap Ahead

The power of multi-SIM cards. Quartz chronicles the power of Transsion, the company behind Tecno brand in Nigeria and across Africa. Market watchers expect Tecno & Co to hit 55% of the market share by next year. Below, I summarize the key takes from the piece: affordable pricing, regional marketing, good product and innovation in local necessities. That multi-sim is key.

The success of its leading phone brands Tecno, Itel, and Infinix has especially shown how a company with a strong regional focus, the right product mix, and strategic pricing can outperform bigger and more dominant firms.


Some of these locally-tailored features include developing smartphones with multiple SIM slots, given that users have multiple numbers with different service providers to avoid insufficient network infrastructure or save money by avoiding out-of-network calls. Other elements include long battery life in a continent with the lowest electrification rate in the world and an anti-oil fingerprint to withstand weather and lifestyle conditions. The phones offer camera exposures calibrated to darker skin tones and cater to local languages like Amharic and Swahili. They’re also built to receive FM radio stations. And in an effort to provide value-added service, Transsion launched after-sale service centers Carlcare and its smart accessories brand Oraimo across the continent.

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