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Amazon Maintains 2nd Position on Paid Search

As I noted many months ago, Amazon paid search would only continue to grow as it is more effective than Google's for merchants. Google will keep 73% of all dollars spent on search ads in 2019, with Amazon in second place at 13%. Microsoft will hold 7% of the market, according to the report from eMarketer.

Google dominates the search ad market today, but eMarketer’s latest forecast shows that within the next two years, Google’s revenue share will fall and Amazon’s will rise.

Overall, the U.S. search ad market will grow nearly 18% to $55.17 billion in 2019, of which Google will take 73.1% share, about $40.33 billion. By 2021, Google’s share will drop to 70.5%, according to eMarketer.

This year, Amazon will take 12.9% of paid-search market share in the U.S. The company surpassed Microsoft in 2018 to become the second-largest ad platform in the U.S. Microsoft, which now ranks No. 3, follows with 6.5%. Verizon Media ranks No. 4 at 2%. Yelp ranks No. 5 at 1.8%.