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Antitrust Brews on Amazon

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Amazon faces antitrust high voltage searchlight over its pricing policies, LinkedIn reports: "In an attempt to end Amazon's alleged unfair use of price agreements to squash competition, Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl Racine is suing the company. The antitrust suit declares that the e-commerce giant's practices "suppressed innovation" by preventing third-party sellers from selling their wares for lower prices on other platforms and asks the court to intervene via means of ordering "structural relief," also known as a break-up. Amazon's pricing policies have been the subject of previous scrutiny, while both Google and Facebook have been involved in recent antitrust lawsuits."

Haha! What were you expecting, this is business not charity, and the ultimate goal is monopoly- I doubt IAS has reach that end, so shared prosperity is still a thought.

In 2018, when we had a discussion on Transsion Holding, I wrote, "Once you dominate the market ensure the table revolves around you". The end is to capture the most value, and please don't blame Amazon for doing that.

They would scale through this, Bezos, is wise enough not to be distracted by all this court orders.

Good evening prof.


Is history not going to repeat itself?

Remember the Supreme Court ruling in 1911 that dismantled Standard Oil of John D. Rockefeller for violation of federal antitrust law.

Google, Facebook and now Amazon facing antitrust investigation.



We will see if they will break digital America and hand the world over to Chinese players.


On this, I believe it good they reference history, recalling that antitrust done badly would only breed inefficient companies. Since many would see it as a means t0 safe guard competitors than promote competition.

In the end the goal of antitrust policies is to make firm become more efficient and not relax not to promote bias, encouraging detrimental favoritism.

Anti trust done well is the lifting of the nation for the satisfaction of the customers. Breaking down of big firm would only spell doom to the economy not just only about Chinese taking over.