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Apple vs. Amazon: "Apple Store" and "Everything Store"

Either Amazon or Apple is expected to become the first $1 trillion business in the world. Apple is worth $931 billion today. Amazon is at $764 billion. Amazon broadly is growing faster and could move ahead. But Apple has also grown its services, recently.  Inspired by this piece, I summarize how these firms compare (Click this link to view the larger version). You can read about the one oasis strategy here.

These are two of the super corporations around, there will always be something to learn from them.

The main article really offered huge insights, such as: "Both, taken together, are a reminder that there is no one right organizational structure, product focus, or development cycle: what matters is that they all fit together, with a business model to match." You cannot think of it another!

But there are also fine takeaway phrases, such as 'divinely discontent' and 'superior experience'. How well anyone understands these things and apply them accordingly, would surely put the person on the way to being super genius.