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Can Nigeria Replicate This?

This is the vision of the new China - finding ways to get its citizens from leading foreign companies and universities back home. Yes, China has funds backed by government and private sector investors to target their citizens abroad. The goal is for these experts to come back, access capital and build China.

A slew of venture capital funds backed by both private and state investors have been set up, which target Chinese executives and senior researchers working abroad at top companies like Google, Apple, Airbnb and Facebook. The funds are betting that the rapid development of China’s tech sector will produce high returns on their investments.

The Communist Party is also pushing a similar campaign with its program to lure Chinese graduates and academics back to China from foreign universities.

This contrasts with our African strategy where politicians will shout that you should return home to make money. Only if they know it does not just happen that way. People have to return into something. If you do not make it happen, nothing changes.



China does it because it cares about its future and that of its people. Nigeria remains indecisive when it comes to development of this geographical contraption, for now it's more or less about politics for personal gains, no plan for anyone else.

Even if you are interested in coming home, some creatures will make it impossible for you smile here. Too many mean faces in the land.

Until we get serious, for now it's just drama, and more drama all the way.