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China Goes Against the Heart of the Most Important Business Model of the 21st Century

If China goes ahead and implements this at scale (requiring for comments on social media to be reviewed before they can be published), it will destroy one of the most important features of the digital internet: near-zero marginal cost of growing users, contents, etc. In other words, the whole model of deploying aggregation business model will fade. Aggregation model is used by more than 90% of all leading modern technology companies. So, what China plans to do will pause the most important business model of the 21st century. This could be an own goal for the Communist Party!

The cyberspace administration of China has announced a new policy that requires all comments posted on websites to be approved before publication.

The new policy is aimed at making China's internet space safer. The rules are also designed to safeguard national security and public interest as well as protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, adding that the public can provide feedback on the regulations.

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