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Coca Cola Goes Alcoholic With Jack Daniels

Coca-Cola Partners With Jack Daniels To Produce Alcoholic Drinks

Tobacco returns back to the root; it used to sell alcoholic drinks before it exited from those in 1903. Yes, it has signed a deal to push Jack Daniels: “American multinational beverage company, Coca-Cola, has signed a deal with Brown-Forman Corporation, the producer of Jack Daniels, to produce alcoholic products. This will mark the fourth new alcoholic drink in Coca-Cola’s portfolio in less than two years.”

You may ask why? The fact is this: the world is at the early phase of tobacco-lizing sugar (sugar is not good for your health, causes obesity, triggers many health issues, etc., they say); Coca-Cola wants to stay ahead of that future.

Period - if diet Coke does not sell well, alcohol Coke might! It is all about kudi, ego, owo!


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