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Coronavirus Shows What U.S. Can Learn from Others

What makes the U.S. health system one of the best in the world is also the reason it has a weak point during this coronavirus pandemic. The Nigerian professionals, in my opinion as a lay person, are doing far better jobs than their U.S. counterparts. Of course, the Nigerian healthcare professionals are battle-tested on infectious diseases and live and experience them regularly unlike their U.S. counterparts who might have gotten most of the knowledge from books and videos. Experience matters. Expertise matters. Whether in search engine, making phones or fighting pandemic!

Let the Covid-19 not scale in Nigeria first, before we know how 'battle-tested' our system is. It is not in stadiums and village squares you are going to treat infected people, if we have them in their thousands here; the chaos is better not imagined.

We already have more than enough troubles to contend with, at least this one should spare us; it is not everything you use to play rough play.

When the pandemic is over, we can revisit the matter.