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Develop Capabilities

Amazon has 100 million paid prime members. That is $10 billion annual revenue at average of $100 per member.

Jeff Bezos is understandably all sorts of self-congratulatory in the annual shareholder letter Amazon released today. The note is full of all manner of large numbers, including, perhaps most notably, 100 million. Amazon has exceeded that number of Prime subscribers globally, 13 years after the service launched as a free shipping offering

Facebook is hiring hardware designers for AI and machine learning.

Facebook  has posted a job opening looking for an expert in ASIC and FPGA, two custom silicon designs that companies can gear toward specific use cases — particularly in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

If you take these two updates together, you would arrive at one thing: accumulation of capabilities. Amazon has accumulated capabilities and now the world is paying for the privileges to be in its ecosystems. Facebook is pushing for a new area of capabilities to make sure that Facebook codes work at the highest level of optimality. As I have noted, success follows the path of the accumulation of capabilities. Push for yours.

It's no longer enough to do something big, you have to blend it with acute, tangential, quintessential, even auxiliary intelligence; in order to remain relevant for a very long time.

The accumulation of capabilities is now becoming a journey, no longer a destination. You are continually challenged in this knowledge economy. Nothing seems to be enough, you just have to keep building and accumulating; including taking over any entity that causes you headache.