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Design Your Positioning Strategy

If you open a consulting business in Nigeria and find no traction, SEEK 5-10 companies to work for free [see it as part of business development cost]. By the time you finish, you would become a "brand". I did same and spoke in many places for free.

In those talks, I had one requirement - the highest person in that unit/agency/firm must be physically around. In Nigeria, power is not shared; it is pure binary - you have it or not. Period.

After my talk-excursion, we became a small "brand". Yes, some people knew about us.

You must design a positioning strategy in your business. No one will do it for you! It is irrelevant whether you have a rich uncle or not – most Nigerians like free things. They will make time for you.

Ask to work for free, and then you would get an opportunity to demonstrate capabilities. Always remember that in consulting, there is no small job – all jobs are important.  Your quality and commitment will open doors to execute that Mission.

 Executing a Mission requires committed disciples. You must prepare yours.

From companies to nations, those that answer great missions typically shape everything. But sometimes they do pay severe personal penalties. At different levels, a Call to Mission requires extremely committed people. Even in your business, you must have that capacity to find and recruit people that can help you execute a great mission

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Indeed nothing like power sharing in Nigeria. It's either you have access to the highest authority or consider it a waste of time. Any decision that requires meeting 'Oga at the top' here before getting back to you, is more or less like a stillbirth; it's either you have the big man in the room or no show at all.

Interesting insights all the same.