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Did Nigeria Score An Own-Goal on Bitcoin Ban?

Bitcoin Nears $50,000 As Its Mainstream Acceptance Grows

People, did Nigeria score an own-goal with the Bitcoin and crypto ban? If the world of commerce has voted on this, where do we find our nation? Tekedia continues to accept  cryptocurrency but we process everything via our US banks; I want to be “wrong” with Elon Musk, PayPal, Tesla, Fidelity, etc more than any politician out there! Samuel explains what is happening with Bitcoin and its near-$50,000 value.

Bitcoin is nearing a $50 000 record, maintaining its rally from late last year, following growing acceptance by Wall Street and Main Street moguls.

On Sunday morning, the cryptocurrency rose up more than 3% to $48,700, after trading as high as $49,714 earlier in the day.

Bitcoin is up 70% year to date following increasing mainstream acceptance. Big corporations and traditional financial firms that previously shunned the cryptocurrency are now embracing it.