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Do Not Go Alone

That time has come. You want to open a shop. Yes, you want to answer that high intensity call which has minted richer men and women in this world than anything else. You want to build a business and experience the glory of doing so. Today, because of the complexity of the game, you cannot afford to go alone.

Yes, you need to have a co-founder. In Nigeria, 2-3 people are excellent, 4 is a crowd, one is a mistake. While most industrial age empires were built by one man, they had different economics where the “old factors of production” dominated competitiveness. Today, from Google to Paystack to Apple to Jobberman, 2-3 is the magic size. With 2-3, partners take you serious, and you think deeper to make impact.

As you choose that partner, he/she cannot be your clone. That person must bring something different from what you have. You must invest in that discovery.