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Do You Really Need A Mobile App?

Maro Elias writes on the Business Case For Building Mobile Apps in Nigeria, providing perspectives on some questions any builder or creator must address. He began with these questions. “I'll start with this - do you really need a mobile application for your business? And do you know why you need one?”. Truth be told, I do not like apps and that is the reason why I am not a fan of most digital banks which are all app-based.

If you do not have the solution on the browser, it is likely that I will not engage. But preferences differ. In his comprehensive piece, Maro provides directions on how companies can work the tradeoffs.

"As much as the gradual ubiquity of mobile applications is commendable, a clear picture of its true value proposition (and shortcomings) is key to helping leaders and firms build and design more meaningful offerings." M.E.

Read here.

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Interesting piece.

Hi. How to create a social network app from scratch, you ask? Apps are an integral part of social networks, which can serve not only as entertainment for users, but also become a powerful tool for analyzing and influencing the audience. This is possible thanks to the collection of data that the visitor indicated in his profile: as soon as he logs into your game, and you get a huge amount of information about his interests, social status and friends