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Dubai vs China model

What is responsible for the relative success of Dubai's build it and they will come strategy, as compared to China's relatively less successful one? Every year there are New developments, real estate and otherwise and higher tourists numbers in Dubai as against ghost towns built in China with few or no.occupants? Could it be the form of govt? Fewer freedom of expression, less marketing or too big a scale? Or the predominance of private sector finance as against government finance?

Dubai uses transaction-based model which means it does not expect anyone to live there. But provided you can visit and spend, that is fine. China expects people to live there which is tougher. For Dubai to accomplish that, it makes most parts Special Economic Zones (essentially zero or low taxes on buying/selling to attract people).

The "higher tourists numbers in Dubai" is simply because people are attracted by the SEZ as it is a trade haven.China does not want that as it wants to become industrialized. That is more challenging.

Compare Cotonou and Lagos. It is easier to import via Cotonou than Lagos as Cotonou has a SEZ in some areas. So, it is hot on trade. But apart from that, nothing else.

Every nation has to devise a growth strategy. China wants to build a modern industrialized nation as that brings employment. Dubai rarely creates jobs through its model. None is bad provided you can deliver the best value. With Emirates etc Dubai brings the world home, making this work.

For Nigeria, we need to move towards China model because if we try what Dubai is doing, we can grow numbers with no jobs. That would be catastrophic.


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