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ERC20’s, NFTs, and DAOs are Powerful Combo

ERC20’s, NFTs, and DAOs are going to change dramatically in the coming weeks.

Although you can’t exactly see it, there is an ongoing race amongst top protocols. I’ll do my best to explain this in:

We have hit an inflection point. What do I mean?

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- ERC20’s suck for voting, are isolated by chain

- NFTs lack scaling, infra, actual use

- DAOs lack participation, long term alignment, & Community interest, All is not lost though.

The solution lies somewhere in the middle; Why have one or the other when you can have all?

ERC20’s + NFTs + DAOs are a powerful combo.

This is important shift in DeFi to watch out for, & it’s already taking place.

After all, Crypto-economics mean nothing without ownership, proper incentives, + economies.

This has also brought out some other very serious questions we have to ask about with DeFi.

How do you go about building multi-chain dapps while incentivizing government participation and users of the protocol ?

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