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Growth by Reduction

John 15:2 "..and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more."

The key word here is prune.

Not a really pleasant word for the affected but a word of great importance for the overall good of a tree- and Forest. I must note that it pain is not limited to the affected but to all.

The recent layoff in the tech-space is a really painful one, yet it is necessary for the overall growth of the ecosystem.

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There was growth in the last cycle and jobs were added to match and advance the growth. A well intended but largely unwise move.

Yes, unwise because Apple the world leading Tech company seldom makes this kind of cut because they understand that growth is never managed by adding more rather by removing.

The phase shall pass too but the lesson is growth does not come by adding more in time of surplus but by staying as lean as possible and working hard with the limited available resource.


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It seems to be the new normal: "Spotify became the latest tech company to announce layoff plans, disclosing Monday that it plans to trim its workforce by 6%, Bloomberg reported. The music streaming outfit’s CEO, Daniel Ek, told employees that he was “too ambitious in investing ahead of our revenue growth,” echoing recent comments by the leaders of AlphabetMicrosoft, and Salesforce, among others. Spotify shares rose 4% in midday trading Monday." Apple is certainly unique to be different here.