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Host Us - Master Accumulation of Capabilities Construct

Over the next weeks, I would be teaching Accumulation of Capabilities Construct in Lagos, Accra, Abuja and Abidjan to companies that want to move from selling sugar to become industrialized conglomerates. Or ones that want to move from making websites to become platforms. Or that guy that wants to deepen scalable advantage via near-zero marginal cost.

Companies must develop and accumulate capabilities in order to compete in the market place.  I will explain how any firm can do that and why accumulating capability is very strategic. From Google to Dangote Group, when companies accumulate capabilities, they see themselves operating in the segments of markets with higher value (usually upstream) compared with where their competitors operate (usually downstream). Dangote Group can deploy massive assets and technical know-how in cement production, making it harder for new entrants and rivals. It is a science and I will explain the Management Science via our Advisory packages. Contact me or send to team here (fees apply).