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How CEOs spend their time

Time is Scarce Even in its Limitless Form; Master Your Time. - Tekedia

Lessons can be learnt by all on how the Big players get things done even with their most limited resource. This Harvard article on how CEOs manage time explains.

  1. Making time for personal well-being: "The CEO’s job is mentally and physically demanding. Activities
    that preserve elements of normal life keep CEOs grounded and
    better able to engage with colleagues and workers—as opposed to
    distant, detached, and disconnected."
  2. Avoiding the lure of e-mail. While theoretically emails helps cut down face-to- face time, and improve productivity; this is not reality. Leadership is all about influence and influence happen best in presence. Also, the back and forth of mails could be a time sink.
  3. Limiting routine responsibilities. 
  4. They Rely Heavily on Their Direct Reports
  5. Staying connected to other managers.
  6. Developing people and relationships. "When trust is mutual, delegation comes more naturally, agreement is easier to reach, and less monitoring and follow-up are necessary. Good relationships also make people more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt when you need it—and to tell you the truth, which is invaluable at the top."
  7. Carving out alone time.
  8. Limiting time with Investors. Too many meetings with investors can easily become a time sink and can draw the CEO into trying to manage the stock price rather than focusing on business fundamentals