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How Naira Has Fallen Over The Years

It is finished. How low can it get? Venezuela or Zimbabwe? Someone needs to wake Naira up.

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It has gotten so bad that I personally want  firm whom I write to on competition base, to hand the physical cash to me- So it doesn't go through bank, rather, via BDC.

However, it all doesn't matter, more money in a damaged system would not do anything, rather, we need functional system that multiply money in the legal frame work.

Just this evening, was watching the channels 10:00pm NEWS and the business report mentioned that Naira showed strength in today's trade, I reasoned, "does it really matter- when I know it certainly might not tomorrow, bring up an election, everything would collapse".

Good Evening.

We hope so. I do think the only way to wake Naira up would be the sounds of factories and warehouses, knowing that modern factories include computer keyboards. But in my opinion, our policymakers think CBN can bring this restoration in bank halls and the CBN headquarters through financial engineering. My playbook to help Nigeria would fund selected 6 cities in each zone through renewable energy sources and offer 24/7 electricity for light manufacturing.

We can make that happen in 180 days. We do not need more than $100 million to execute that. Each region in Nigeria must have a city that can guarantee tailors, shoemakers, etc 24/7 light for Naira to have a chance.

Yes, you are right sir, and it's pitiful, but, I must say, you may be amongst the very few elderly in this region that listens- I was listening to the Chief of staff, and special adviser to the President of AfDB on industrialization, Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, a professor with strong background in Chemical Engineer, speak in April on Channels TV, say, "Nigeria leadership is just paying lip service to the future of the Nation". (Emphasis Added)

On listening also, here on the 25th of May, we wrote openly to the President of Tanzanian, you, on allowing Angel investor, whilst me, on not being exploited by foreign community off her natural resource like Zimbabwe Cobalt. Yesterday, Nigeria time, she made a bold move- signing into action the startup of a new gold refinery, with the state having 25% stake- Honestly, I don’t in this case care if it was on my advice she took the bold move or her advisers, the point is that she listens.

If she continues in this pace, she would be tailing Rwandan’s president as the next most sensible active president, something good enough to make her nation very attractive for FDIs, and a potential re-elections.

Further, "our policymakers think CBN can bring this restoration in bank halls and the CBN headquarters through financial engineering", it beats me how this people think, what then is the difference, between them, and this young men who christened bitcoin as the savior- The bank can only work well, multiplying money for all when the movers as you have rightly mention- like Industry, is available and functioning.

Good Evening.