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#India - Stay Strong

Let me send our prayers and support to the Good People of India. India will defeat Covid-19 for sure. But as that happens, the developing nations will need to work towards a new playbook if all lives are indeed equal. India is the world’s largest manufacturer of covid-19 vaccine, and yet is one of the least vaccinated nations per capita in the league of big economies.

How can you produce 60% of all vaccines sold globally and yet the citizens cannot have the jabs? Property rights: that is where everything ends in this world! Largely, most of the people producing these vaccines for Europe and North America cannot even access these vaccines themselves!

Imagine if we can relax these IP issues during emergencies, and somehow UN will find money to ship to the big pharmas which formulate the compounds. That way, everyone will have access and live, equally!

I do think this world needs a new contract because capitalism is evidently broken. #India - STAY STRONG.

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