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Joe Biden Leads with Honour, Dignity and Respect

Six Months of Presidential Etiquette in the Oval Office, and the Return of Multilateralism

Yes indeed - it seems very calm over there in the Oval Office as Joe Biden continues to bring the world together. In this piece, Samuel Nwite writes a nice prose on why my local NPR radio station is not starting the day with analysis of a midnight tweet but doing all necessary to focus on "we the people": ‘It's been six months since Joe Biden became the president of the United States, ushering in politeness that has erased the abusive words, name calling and unpresidential utterances that characterized day-to-day activities of Trump's four years as president.

'Pocohantas,' 'sleepy Joe,' 'crazy Bernie,' 'crooked Hilary,' 'wild Bill,' 'mini Mike,' 'Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand' etc. were the sort of names echoing through the Oval Window as they were puffed out by Trump.’

People, elections have consequences and White House is now spacious to bring all together. Carry Go my man Joe: continue to lead with dignity, respect and honour, with no insult to others as you drive from that mountaintop.