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Make Intrapreneurs THRIVE

As you pursue mission in your business, you would thrive if you make your company as a place where others can start companies in your company. In Google today, you can count many companies which have been started within Google and still fully resident in Google. As the world celebrates entrepreneurs, we must always remember that keeping many as intrapreneurs are just as impactful.

The fastest growing fintech in Nigeria is fully resident in a Nigerian bank. That should not take away the fact that people built it inside that bank. The key mission is bringing extremely committed together – they could be inside a big company or just forming a new one. How Nigeria, Nigerians and Nigerian companies make that possible will determine our ability to “restore the dignity of man” with good jobs and welfare.

I think you make a good point. Entrepreneurship sometimes have to start from within a company which the person doing so is termed an intrapreneur. I came across a start up blog where the author suggested that entrepreneurial ideas can come from the workplace. You can read the article at this link  Start Up ideas from Work.