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Media Fines, NYSC Looting

It was a mystery to many: why didn’t Obama fine or ban Fox News? Extend it further - why hasn’t Trump descended on CNN?  As you work on your answers, Nigeria is fining AIT, Channels and Arise TV a total of N9 million for broadcasting news from “unverifiable” sources during the ENDSARS protests: “The National Broadcasting Commission has sanctioned Africa Independent Television, AIT, Arise TV and Channels for what it calls, a gross violation of the broadcast code, top of which is the use of unverifiable online video footages on the social media,” AIT said. 

Of course no one wants the use of traditional media to incite violence but levying fines on these media houses for using alternative sources to inform and educate is certainly in bad taste.

Our challenge today is containing the spread of vandalism. According to Premium Times, hoodlums in the satellite town of Kubwa, outside Abuja, are currently looting the NYSC office: “They began carting away mattresses, motorcycles and other household items “. This is getting out of hand. Levying fines on media houses will not change that.

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Nothing is surprising anymore, you do not need to look further than the people heading the agencies overseeing our national life.

There's a conversation we haven't advanced in the land, and without it, we are just joking about here.

How did we draw up the number of members representing each state in the House of Representatives? Population or landmass? Either way, that argument needs to be pushed further to government agencies. The 'federal character' was fraudulently implemented, there should be new interpretation to it.

We have negated the principle of 'percentage' in allocations of important offices in the land, and that's one way of implementing 'restructuring', without needing to speak plenty English.

What's the population of Imo and Yobe states? What's their school enrolment rate? How many graduates does each produce annually? And when it comes to judiciary appointments, which states produce highest number of legal scholars and practitioners, and how does it translate to the number of representation they get?

You cannot talk about 'federal character' when Imo State alone can produce more graduates than the entire northeast, let's not even talk about the quality; but this give you an idea of what needs to happen.